Why a Professional Resume Matters

A professional resume is your first impression at a new company; one that can help open the door to this great new job. It is your best way to market and brand yourself to a prospective employer. By taking the time to make an excellent resume and cover letter, you are setting yourself up for a successful job search.

The Important of Making a Good Resume

The average …

The Importance of Your LinkedIn Profile

While LinkedIn might be an online platform, it is not your typical social media site. Unlike Facebook or Google Plus, it is designed to help you find jobs. It helps with business networking. With the right LinkedIn profile, you can boost your career and find your next job.

How Does LinkedIn Help Out Your Career?

Joining LinkedIn might be a fun way to connect with other people, but …

Top 10 Interview Tips for Your Job Hunt

You have made the perfect resume and cover letter. Now, you are just waiting to hear back from your job search. When the big day finally arrives, these interview tips can help you nail your job interview.

The 10 Best Tips for Your Interview

1. Review Beforehand

A mock interview can help you prepare for your upcoming meeting. One of the best interview tips is to research potential …

How to Handle the Side Effects of Cancer Treatment

One out of three people will have severe cancer pain. Most will have some level of pain. Cancer pain happens in many ways. It can be dull or sharp. It could be mild, constant or severe. Cancer or the treatments can cause the pain. The tumor can put pressure on the body. It can squeeze the nerves. This can cause pain. Treatments like surgery can also cause …

Should You Purchase a Fitness Tracker?

A fitness tracker can count your steps, but does it mean you will have a healthy life? Some studies show that a fitness tracker can help. In an AJPM study, older women were more active with trackers. The study followed 51 overweight women. Before the study, they exercised 33 minutes a week. All women were asked to do 150 minutes of weekly workouts.

The bad news? Neither …

Should You Believe in Past Lives as the Source of Your Problems in This Life?

 Past Life Regression is a safe technique used to connect your past to your present. Past Life Regression NYC bring to the surface the experiences, memories and connections from your past lives that have deeply impressed your soul. Some of these experiences have brought intense joys and others great sadness. All of them are intimately tied to the present.

What’s Past Life Regressive Therapy?

We are energy. We …

The Keys to Healthy Weight Loss

Healthy weight loss is the only way to keep weight off. While fad diets are popular, they tend to be unsuccessful. After losing weight at first, the pounds return over just a few months. Worse still, fad diets are not healthy for your body. They are restrictive and focus on just a few foods. Instead of yo-yo dieting, you need a healthy weight loss plan that works.

Slow …

What is Past Life Regression in New York?

Trying to get over your fears and phobias has involved various treatments over the last 30 to 40 years. The American Psychiatric Association only recognized phobias as an anxiety disorder in the 1980s. Some treatments include CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and medicines. However an emerging practice, called Past Life Regression (PLT) or Past Life Regression Therapy is beginning to take shape. We find out what Past Life Regression …

How to Relieve Anxiety Naturally

No one deserves to live with anxiety. When you have anxiety, even normal life seems impossible. Going to a party is out of the question. Even work can seem hard at times. Luckily, there are natural ways to relieve anxiety. From tea to hypnosis for anxiety, you can start to live a normal live.

Chamomile Tea

Surprise! One of the easiest solutions for anxiety is in your kitchen. …

Can Binge Eating Be Overcome

Binge eating disorder is not just a simple case of overeating at Thanksgiving. When you have binge eating disorder, you regularly overeat. Food quickly becomes the way that you cope with negative emotions and feelings. These emotions are often worse after you overeat. You may feel depressed, guilty or ashamed after you eat too much. Once you have this disorder, it can seem impossible to stop compulsively eating