Should You Believe in Past Lives as the Source of Your Problems in This Life?

 Past Life Regression is a safe technique used to connect your past to your present. Past Life Regression NYC bring to the surface the experiences, memories and connections from your past lives that have deeply impressed your soul. Some of these experiences have brought intense joys and others great sadness. All of them are intimately tied to the present.

What’s Past Life Regressive Therapy?

We are energy. We resonate at a particular frequency. As you experience events in your life; that frequency changes. The frequency you resonate – dictates your life experiences. We bring into this lifetime the frequency of many ’emotionally charged’ past life experiences. We continue to carry these into each subsequent life we live.

Each emotionally charged experience resonates at a different frequency. This causes you to continually manifest in your present lifetime(s) the same types of ‘experiences’. This could manifest in love, finances, habits, fears and just about any life experience. The ‘cell memory’ of these highly charged emotional experiences keeps you locked into a ‘repeating pattern’. Be it desired or not. You continue to repeat this pattern until you resolve the ‘issue’ or ‘de-charge’ it. If you have gone through traditional therapies and have not been able to resolve a repeating pattern, fear, compulsion or habit – then a past life regression NYC may be for you!

What Goes Into a Past Life Regressive Therapy Session?

All memories and experiences from all of your lives are stored in your ‘personal soul record’. Some call this soul consciousness. Souls typically reincarnate together and are resonating at a ‘pre-set’ frequency. This is why we are drawn to the same people lifetime after lifetime. And continue to re-live the same types of experiences with these people. Each lifetime offers us another opportunity to work through and ‘resolve’ these emotionally charged issues. Click here !

What are the Benefits?

So, as you see, your current lifetime in many ways mirrors your past lives. As you uncover your past lifetimes you see the people and experiences that are most prominent in your life can often be traced back to a past life. As the story unfolds so does the ‘common thread’ that ties our lifetimes together. The key to a past life regression is gaining an awareness and recognition of these people and experiences as you discover the links to your past. As you gain this inner awareness.

A shift takes place which releases you (and shifts your energy frequency). This provides the ultimate ‘release’ followed by immediate healing. Past Life Regressions NYC provide a direct path to healing your life and current problems through awareness and forgiveness. Healing transformation begins in the instant of recognition.

What to Look for in a Therapist?

It’s important to have a counseling background when you’re going through these sessions to deal with whatever comes up.

Do you believe in past lives? Do you have any experience with the treatment? Are you dealing with issues you can’t seem to crack? We want to know! Past Life Regression New York. Find out more in this site :