How to Handle the Side Effects of Cancer Treatment

One out of three people will have severe cancer pain. Most will have some level of pain. Cancer pain happens in many ways. It can be dull or sharp. It could be mild, constant or severe. Cancer or the treatments can cause the pain. The tumor can put pressure on the body. It can squeeze the nerves. This can cause pain. Treatments like surgery can also cause pain. Radiation can cause a burning sensation. Meanwhile, chemo can cause other painful symptoms.

Treatments can also cause nausea. Certain drugs lead to nausea and vomiting. Doctors think that a part of the brain is triggered. This causes a reflex in your organs. As a result, you feel sick.

What Are the Treatments for Side Effects?

A normal solution is drugs. Doctors give over-the-counter or prescription pain relievers. Nerve blocks are used to freeze the nerve. This stops it from sending pain signals. Other patients use massage, acupuncture or physical therapy. Meditation and relaxing can also help.

For nausea, doctors also prescribe drugs. Certain chemo drugs can cause nausea. Another drug can prevent it. Cancer patients get anti-emetics to prevent nausea. This is routine for anyone on chemo drugs.

Is There a Better Way?

Patients are often on many drugs for their treatment. They may not want to add another drug to the mix. Also, pain relievers can be addictive. Doctors may not want to prescribe them for long because of this. Instead, some patients use hypnosis for cancer pain. Hypnosis for cancer treatment symptoms helps you feel less sick. It reduces your pain. As a result, you feel better.

How Does Hypnosis for Cancer Pain Work?

The American National Institute for Health did a study in 1996. It showed that hypnosis can reduce cancer pain. A later study showed that hypnotherapy worked for children with cancer. It reduced their pain and distress.

Nausea and pain occur in the mind. A nerve signal goes to the brain. This signal tells the mind about pain or nausea. In response, the body reacts. Hypnosis for cancer pain hacks into this system. It stops the mind from receiving pain signals. It boots relaxation and optimism. All of these factors help stop pain and nausea.

What Are Alternative Options for Cancer Symptoms?

There are many options for pain relief. Acupuncture and yoga can help. Some patients like herbs and meditation. Guided imagery and biofeedback help change pain perception. These last two options are also used in hypnosis. Some patients use music therapy or Tai chi. Gentle exercise like Tai chi and yoga can help. Some pain is caused by swelling. Gentle movements help stimulate drainage. This can lower swelling and pain.

While yoga changes the body, hypnosis changes the mind. It targets the root cause of pain and nausea. Through hypnosis for cancer pain, you can change how the mind processes signals. This leads to less pain. Studies show hypnosis is effective for pain, nausea and other symptoms. You do not have to live with the symptoms. With hypnosis, you can improve your quality of life during treatment.