Can Binge Eating Be Overcome

Binge eating disorder is not just a simple case of overeating at Thanksgiving. When you have binge eating disorder, you regularly overeat. Food quickly becomes the way that you cope with negative emotions and feelings. These emotions are often worse after you overeat. You may feel depressed, guilty or ashamed after you eat too much. Once you have this disorder, it can seem impossible to stop compulsively eating too much.

Can I Recover?

Recovering from binge eating disorder is not easy, but it is possible. With binge eating disorder, you have to first decide what recovery means to you. Do you want to stop the symptoms? Are you tired of starving yourself, purging, overeating and exercising too much? Or do you want to stop feeling guilt, fear or shame after eating? Whatever your goal is, figure it out before you work on the disorder.

What Can I Expect From Recovery?

Depending on your situation, you may be able to recover in just a short amount of time. Often, people experience a relapse after they begin recovery. Over time, you should start to see health and emotional benefits from recovery. Your eating disorder may have caused heart issues or digestive problems. You may have also had organ damage, hair loss or other problems. As you recover, these health issues should decrease.
During recovery, you also have to focus on the emotional side of binge eating. Sometimes, people also have obsessive-compulsive behaviors, depression, social phobias or anxiety. If you had these issues before recovery, you will need to work on them. Often, people use binge eating to cope with an underlying disorder. For you to recover, you have to focus on the many complex reasons behind overeating.

Why Is Recovery So Difficult?

Binge eating is not like catching strep throat or a bronchitis. It is impossible to take a pill and be cured. This disorder is caused by a complex array of emotional and mental factor. If you do not address these other problems, you will be unable to recover. Any program that you choose has to solve your underlying problems. If it does not, the changes you make will not last.

Can Hypnosis Help Binge Eating Disorder?

Hypnosis is designed to target the root cause of binge eating. There are complex emotional issues that lead you to overeat. During hypnosis, you deal with the emotional issues. As a result, you learn to approach food with a calm, relaxed state of mind. Right now, your subconscious mind is sending cravings and urges to your stomach. These cravings cause you to overeat. To escape the disorder, you must remove the subconscious urges that cause it.
With hypnosis, you can overcome your compulsion to overeat forever. You rewire your mind to seek out healthy alternatives to overeating when you feel urges. Binge eating hypnosis is one of the most powerful tools you have. It works to combat overeating right away by removing subconscious triggers. As a result of hypnosis, you can enjoy having healthier ways to manage stress.