Why a Professional Resume Matters

A professional resume is your first impression at a new company; one that can help open the door to this great new job. It is your best way to market and brand yourself to a prospective employer. By taking the time to make an excellent resume and cover letter, you are setting yourself up for a successful job search.

The Important of Making a Good Resume

The average hiring manager or prospective employer only spends about 8 to 10 seconds looking at each resume. In that short amount of time, they have to decide if you are even worth interviewing. By making the best cover letters and resumes, employees can increase their odds of actually getting an interview.

A professional resume should showcase your job history and experiences. It should do even more than just this though. The resume shows your writing ability and your ability to follow rules. Each resume has to follow a set format, so it is an easy way for the employer to see if you can follow directions. Plus, your grammar and spelling show if you can write and communicate effectively.

You ultimately have just a few seconds to impress the employer. Your cover letter and resume cannot be overemphasized. Without the right resume, you will never score that dream interview.

What a Top Resume Should Look Like

A professional resume should be accurate and concise. Unfortunately, too many applicants think that they have to pad their resume. When the employer realizes that they are exaggerating their abilities, the applicant will lose their chance of getting hired. The resume should include the accurate job titles, dates of employment and skills in each role. Applicants should also include their education history and resume.

Other than being accurate, the resume should also have perfect spelling, grammar and punctuation. The resume should be professional because it reflects on you. While your resume should be visually appealing, don’t try to pick a fancy font or unusual color. You want it to look professional, and a Gothic font will not.

Your resume is not the only thing that you should focus on. You also need to have a well-written cover letter to go with it. An employer wants to know that you care about the job and want to work at their company. They do not want to see a cookie-cutter letter that is sent off to hundreds of applications. Each cover letter needs to incorporate how you fit the exact job description. You should do your research about the company first so that you can incorporate those details into the cover letter.

Creating the Perfect Resume

If you are unsure if your resume is just right, don’t worry. Professional resume writing help is available if you need it. There are online examples of formats and resume styles. In addition, many resume writing companies can help you craft the best resume. With the right help, you can tailor the perfect application for your dream job.