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The Keys to Healthy Weight Loss

Healthy weight loss is the only way to keep weight off. While fad diets are popular, they tend to be unsuccessful. After losing weight at first, the pounds return over just a few months. Worse still, fad diets are not healthy for your body. They are restrictive and focus on just a few foods. Instead…

Five Outdoor Summer Activities for Weight Loss

The summer months are a fabulous time to get in shape. Unlike the other seasons, most people have no trouble finding suitable outdoor activities. Of course, some exercises will be more effective than others will, and it is crucial for a person to choose an exercise that helps him or her lose weight with ease….

We Want to Know How to Lose Weight!

How to lose weight is a problem that people have wrestled with more and more as our society has become more sedentary. There are some very interesting things going in society today related to Western culture’s overall fitness. What I find amazing is the fact that society talks such a good game about fitness and…