Top 10 Interview Tips for Your Job Hunt

You have made the perfect resume and cover letter. Now, you are just waiting to hear back from your job search. When the big day finally arrives, these interview tips can help you nail your job interview.

The 10 Best Tips for Your Interview

1. Review Beforehand

A mock interview can help you prepare for your upcoming meeting. One of the best interview tips is to research potential questions beforehand. Practice interviewing with a friend. Learn as much as you can about the interview and plan out your responses.

2. Thank the Interviewer

When your interview is complete, thank everyone that you interviewed with. This is common courtesy. More importantly, it gives you an extra chance to make an impression with the company.

3. First Impressions Matter

You may only get one chance to make an impression at the new job. From the receptionist to the boss, make sure that people think highly of them. Everyone at the company could potentially derail your interview if you treat them poorly.

4. Research the Company

Knowing about the company shows that you really want the job and actually care. You should know all about the position and the person interviewing you. This research will make it easier for you to answer questions and really shine at your interview.

5. Body Language Matters

A great deal of communication is nonverbal. Your body languages matters. Crossed arms or fidgeting can be distracting. Slouching, mumbling and poor body language show that you do not care about the interview. One of the best interview tips is to make sure that your body language matches what you are saying and shows that you are listening.

6. Be Prepared

There is no reason why you should ever be late for an interview. Arrive 15 minutes beforehand and make sure that you are prepared. Bring along extra copies of your references, portfolio and resume just in case they are needed.

7. Think of Good Questions

Employers will generally ask if you have any questions for them. Don’t just tell them no. Think up insightful questions that show that you care about the position.

8. Be Focused

Make sure your responses are authentic, candid and upbeat. Avoid rambling on because long responses could just bore the interviewer. Instead, keep each of your answers to the point. No matter what happens, never badmouth a former boss or coworker. Badmouthing an old boss will just make the new employer wonder if you are a troublesome employee.

9. Dress Well

Each company has a different culture. Your job is to make sure that your clothes fit in with the company’s culture and look professional. Limit your accessories and wear the right clothes.

10. Sell Yourself

Sometimes, the best candidate is not the one who is hired. Many successful applicants are hired because they know how to show their skills and how they will fit in at the job. Sell yourself to the employer like you would a product. When you have them on the hook, prepare to close the deal.

With these interview tips, you can prepare for success. As the interview ends, ask about the next steps and when the employer will reach a decision. With any luck, you will be the lucky candidate who is chosen for the position.