How to Relieve Anxiety Naturally

No one deserves to live with anxiety. When you have anxiety, even normal life seems impossible. Going to a party is out of the question. Even work can seem hard at times. Luckily, there are natural ways to relieve anxiety. From tea to hypnosis for anxiety, you can start to live a normal live.

Chamomile Tea

Surprise! One of the easiest solutions for anxiety is in your kitchen. Chamomile tea can relieve anxiety by reducing stress. It has two chemicals that encourage relaxation. Researchers found chamomile tea helped to relieve anxiety within eight weeks.

Smell Lavender

If you hate medication, lavender could be the answer. Lavender oil promotes a happier attitude. People can have a lavender oil massage. It can also be used on a pillow. You can even dab lavender oil on your skin. By using lavender, you can promote relaxation and lower stress.


While it might require extra work, exercise can lower anxiety. When you exercise, your body gets a boost of endorphins. These chemicals help you feel good. They boost your mood and change neural circuits in your mind. As a result, you have less anxiety and tension.


Hypnosis to Relieve Anxiety

Hypnosis is a type of guided relaxation. It makes you concentrate and enter a hypnotic trance. In this state, negative thoughts are blocked out. You can focus on a specific thought or task. In this case, your hypnotist would focus on anxiety. Your hypnotist would help you explore the cause of your anxiety. A memory or childhood event could be at fault. It is also possible that you handle stress poorly. If this is the case, your hypnotist can help. You can learn better ways to handle stress.

Hypnosis is completely safe. You enter this mental state when you lose track of time. Some people become hypnotized on long drives. When you enter this state, it is easy to work with your subconscious. You can learn about your hidden fears and overcome bad habits. Your hypnotist may offer suggestions to help change your behaviors. You can change your perceptions and responses to stress. With help, hypnosis lets you overcome anxiety.

Take a Break

In a Japanese study, people who had a forest walk felt better. Their bodies had lower stress hormones. Taking a walk boost your endorphins. If you walk outside, the sun will boost your vitamin D. This helps to reduce depression and anxiety. Even if you only have 20 minutes, a short walk can help.

Limit Caffeine

Caffeine may give you energy, but it can make you anxious. Too much caffeine will make you jittery. Slowly reduce your intake and see if it helps. If you need caffeine to work, try green tea instead. It won’t make you anxious, and you will get extra antioxidants.

Too many people live with anxiety. When you have anxiety, everything is affected. Work, school and social events can seem impossible. Like most medical conditions, you can recover. Walks, tea and other options can help. Hypnosis can also rewire your mind. With time, you experience less stress and anxiety.