How to Prevent Past Child Abuse From Affecting You

Why should you utilize Hypnosis for Child Abuse?

Years after Sigmund Freud first proposed sexual molestation as a cause of adult mental disorders, mental health therapists have started to realize the number of adult problems caused by childhood molestation. Across the board, counselors, psychiatrists and hypnotherapists have dealt with mental disorders that stem from abuse. Even when the individual cannot remember the abuse actually occurring, they may still live with the daily mental, sexual and physical effects of abuse.

The Long-Term Effects of Child Abuse

Sexual dysfunction is one of the key physical effects of sexual child abuse. Long after the abuse has stopped, individuals may find it difficult to maintain a healthy sex life. Discussions about sex, trust issues and emotional problems are made harder to handle because of child molestation. The earlier the damage and the more severe the damage is, the less likely individuals are to remember it. While some individuals respond to this childhood experience through inhibited sexual desires, others respond through promiscuity. With either response, the individual may feel frightened, anxious and unable to trust other people.

Healing Sexual Abuse

Some children keep the history of their abuse a secret or make up stories to cover up the shame that they feel. Other children block out memories of the abuse and grow up without realizing where their mental problems come from. To begin healing from sexual abuse, the individual has to remember the abuse, realize its consequences and come to terms with their past. Through hypnotherapy, the patient can confront their memories of the past without the stress or anxiety that they would normally experience. In this safe environment, they are able to replay their memories and access events that they had subconsciously blocked out.

Hypnosis for Sexual Abuse

Visualization during hypnosis helps the patient to rewire the way they think about the abuse. The hypnotherapist may suggest the patient views their memory like it is on a television screen. As the audience member, the patient can rewind, fast forward and change the memory. In addition to allowing the individual to safely recall their abuse, this technique allows them to change their reaction to it. It takes time, but it can help the individual to overcome their history of abuse and begin feeling safe again.

According to psychiatrists and mental health professionals, hypnosis for child abuse can help remove the mental roadblocks that are preventing treatment. Regular hypnosis sessions can enable the patient to remember the past and reduce their stress. During the session, they will be able to work on healing the wounds from their childhood. If there are lasting emotional, physical or mental repercussions from abuse, the hypnotherapist will be able to address it during the session.

The effects of childhood sexual abuse can continue for decades afterward. Even if you do not consciously remember the abuse, it can still be affecting your ability to trust other people, relax and live a normal life. From feeling anxiety to feeling uncomfortable about sex, these issues can be treated through hypnosis. With hypnosis, you can reframe the way you view the past and change your current life.