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Should You Believe in Past Lives as the Source of Your Problems in This Life?

 Past Life Regression is a safe technique used to connect your past to your present. Past Life Regression NYC bring to the surface the experiences, memories and connections from your past lives that have deeply impressed your soul. Some of these experiences have brought intense joys and others great sadness. All of them are intimately tied to the present.

What’s Past Life Regressive Therapy?

We are energy. We …

Healthy Weight Loss Tips

The Keys to Healthy Weight Loss

Healthy weight loss is the only way to keep weight off. While fad diets are popular, they tend to be unsuccessful. After losing weight at first, the pounds return over just a few months. Worse still, fad diets are not healthy for your body. They are restrictive and focus on just a few foods. Instead of yo-yo dieting, you need a healthy weight loss plan that works.

Slow …

What is Past Life Regression in New York?

Trying to get over your fears and phobias has involved various treatments over the last 30 to 40 years. The American Psychiatric Association only recognized phobias as an anxiety disorder in the 1980s. Some treatments include CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and medicines. However an emerging practice, called Past Life Regression (PLT) or Past Life Regression Therapy is beginning to take shape. We find out what Past Life Regression …

relieve anxiety with hypnosis New York

How to Relieve Anxiety Naturally

No one deserves to live with anxiety. When you have anxiety, even normal life seems impossible. Going to a party is out of the question. Even work can seem hard at times. Luckily, there are natural ways to relieve anxiety. From tea to hypnosis for anxiety, you can start to live a normal live.

Chamomile Tea

Surprise! One of the easiest solutions for anxiety is in your kitchen. …

Can Binge Eating Be Overcome

Binge eating disorder is not just a simple case of overeating at Thanksgiving. When you have binge eating disorder, you regularly overeat. Food quickly becomes the way that you cope with negative emotions and feelings. These emotions are often worse after you overeat. You may feel depressed, guilty or ashamed after you eat too much. Once you have this disorder, it can seem impossible to stop compulsively eating …

Body Language Tips for Interviewing

Highly Effective Body Language Tips

5 Highly Effective Body Language Tips for Interviewing

Interviewing can be stressful. You really want to think about the entire process from start to finish, not only when the first question is asked during the interview. There are some things you should really consider to put your best foot forward and take advantage of every opportunity to shine. You were brought in because they believe you have the …

What to Consider When Choosing a Hypnosis School

online-hypnotherapy-coursesIf you’re considering studying hypnotherapy in NYC, here are some tips to help you on the road to your achieving your goals.

Consider your goals in leaning NYC hypnosis.

Remember that studying hypnosis in NYC is the same as studying any other subject. You need a firm idea of the goals you’re hoping to achieve with your studies- are you studying for self development, or do you …

Dieting Tips

Simple Dieting Tips

Dieting Tips

As a rule, the basic way to lose weight is to eat fewer calories than you burn. Although this among other dieting tips can help you to lose weight, it is also important to consider the types of calories that you consume. Fiber, protein and nutrient-dense vegetables can help you feel satiated, so you do not feel as hungry during your weight loss plan. For a

Lose Weight Fast with Hypnosis NYC

How to Lose Weight Fast With Hypnosis

Trying to Lose weight fast can seem almost impossible. You plan out the perfect diet, exercise daily and still the pounds do not seem to go away. If you have had a problem with losing weight in the past, hypnosis can help. Whether time constraints or stress get in the way, hypnosis to lose weight can help you focus on your goals and end the problems that are …

Hypnotherapy for Child Abuse NYC

How to Prevent Past Child Abuse From Affecting You

Why should you utilize Hypnosis for Child Abuse?

Years after Sigmund Freud first proposed sexual molestation as a cause of adult mental disorders, mental health therapists have started to realize the number of adult problems caused by childhood molestation. Across the board, counselors, psychiatrists and hypnotherapists have dealt with mental disorders that stem from abuse. Even when the individual cannot remember the abuse actually occurring, they may …